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All Hands on Deck Maritime Training Coxswain (2 day practical session) and General Purpose Hand (1 day practical session) courses are operating as normal. Vacancies are very limited at the present time with the following vacancies available:                     

2nd July 2021 – 1 vacancy (Enrol Here)

13th August 2021 – FULL (Enrol Here)

10th September July 2021 – 1 vacancy (Enrol Here)

8th October 2021 – 2 vacancies (Enrol Here)

12th November 2021 – 3 vacancies (Enrol Here)

3rd December 2021 – 4 vacancies (Enrol Here)

The majority (90%) of the course can now be completed online and enrollments can still be made anytime. 

For Coxwain inquiries please call 0434803687

or email at 

Coxswain course initial enrolment

Is there work for a Coxswain?

Are there jobs for Coxswains?

Did you know there are over 27,000 domestic commercial vessels in Australia with over 66,000 crew working on these vessels. A recent survey revealed that over 75% of companies are having difficulty finding qualified crew! (Source: Working Boats issue 14). 

Knowledge required to be a Coxswain in command of a Domestic Commercial Vessel

The areas of knowledge required of a Coxswain include:

  • Vessel Survey Categories and areas of operation
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Manoeuvering a vessel
  • Anchoring
  • Fight & Extinguish Fires
  • Survival at Sea
  • Splicing, Knots, Hitches and Seamanship Skills
  • Marine Radio operation
  • Basic Meteorology and Tidal knowledge
  • Basic Vessel Stability
  • Coastal Navigation
  • International Collision Regulations including IALA Buoyage systems
  • Operating Deck Equipment (Lifting Gear and Anchor winches)
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Knowledge of Marine Engines
  • Fuel, Cooling, Fire, Bilge and Deck Wash Pumping Systems
  • Knowledge of Engine Start Up & Shut Down procedures
  • Knowledge of Low Voltage Electrical systems

To understand the depth of knowledge required of a Coxswain (NC2) and Coxswain (NC1) please download this document.


Types of Coxswain Certificates

In accordance with the National Law 2012 and the National Standards for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Part D (Crew Competencies), there are 2 grades of Coxswain Certificates of Competency. These grades are known as Coxswain NC2 and Coxswain NC1.  (NC = Near Coastal – NC2 is the lower grade and NC1 the higher grade).

Marine Safety (Low Complexity Duties) Exemption38

AMSA ammended the requirements regarding holding a full Coxswain qualification by introducing the Marine Safety (Low Complexity Duties) Exemption (commonly known as Exemption 38). This exemption does not require any sea time. It only requires a demonstration of competency for 3 units.  To see details of where the certificate applies and the conditions of use please go to the AMSA website at or call us at 0434803687

Coxswain NC2 Certificate

The Coxswain NC2 Certificate and will allow you to be in command of a vessel under 12 metres in length, which does NOT carry passengers and has a diesel engine capacity of <100 kW (120hp) or unlimited outboard engine capacity in smooth or sheltered waters, or within 3nm of a parent vessel in the EEZ or within 3nm from the shore base or aquaculture lease. (Examples may be Survey or Research vessels, vessels conducting mooring servicing, Pilot vessel, Lines Boats, vessels operated by Maritime authorities such as Boating Service Officer (BSO) vessels, Police vessels, Customs and Fisheries patrol vessels, commercial divers, Surf Club and/or Sailing club vessels etc

Coxswain NC1 Certificate

The Coxswain NC1 course is for all persons who wish to be command a commercial vessel (Fishing Charter vessel – Water Taxi – Passenger Ferry/Cruise Boat etc) up to 12 metres in length, operating 15 nautical miles to sea, with a diesel engine capacity of <500 kW (670hp) and carrying passengers.

The current regulations include one of the most important conditions and that is evidence of boating experience CAN include 100% of recreational boating experience. The amount of boating experience varies depending on whether a task book is completed or not.

For example for a Coxswain NC2 certificate sixty (60) days of boating experience is required (this can be 100% recreational boat experience) however this can be reduced to seven (7) days (approx. 52.5 hrs) of boating experience with a completed AMSA task book.

For a Coxswain NC1 certificate two hundred and forty (240) days of boating experience is required which can be on a commercial and/or recreational vessel without a task book. This can be reduced to thirty (30) days sea service on commercial vessels with a completed AMSA task book. Sea Service can be recorded on AMSA Form 771 Record of Sea Service.


How to enrol in a Coxswain Course

What do I need to do to obtain a Coxswain’s Ticket?

This is probably one of the most common questions we receive. If you found us on the internet then you most likely have that ability to use a computer. That being the case obtaining your Coxswain’s Ticket is an easy 4 step process.

  1. Complete the Coxswain course initial enrolment and complete online activities and assignments based of the knowledge required of a Coxswain. We estimate this component will take approximately 35 hours of self study and can be completed anywhere online
  2. Complete a pre course project based on what you have learnt from the online assignments. We estimate this can be completed in 4-5 hours.
  3. Attend the Coxswain 2 day practical training and assessment course and successfully complete course assessments.
  4. On successful completion of the Coxswain course submit your application to AMSA.

Regardless of which certificate you intend applying for there are basically 3 easy steps to obtaining a Coxswain Certificate:

  1. Complete the Coxswain training course, (including the Marine Radio and Coastal navigation components if required), receive your course certificate and AMPA – (AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment)
  2. Providing evidence of sea service (this can include up to 100% of recreational boating experience). Sea service (boating experience) can be stated in a letter format (click here for a sample template) or on a Statutory Declaration and accompanied by AMSA Form 771 Record of Sea Service.
  3. Submit your application (including your 1st Aid Certificate if required)

If you are interested in obtaining a Coxswain Certificate then we believe there has never been a better opportunity and these are certainly exciting times for the maritime industry as a whole. Please call our Senior Trainer on P:0434 803 687 if you have any questions about sea service requirements.

When training has been successfully completed candidates are issued with a Nationally Recognised ‘Coxswain Grade I or II’ Certificate in Maritime Operations.

Our courses are designed for candidates who wish to complete the course in a reasonable time frame suited to individual work and personal situations rather than taking months of part time college attendance. We use the internet for initial training and in addition we have our own training vessel, in commercial 2C survey for up to 30 nautical miles to sea, and therefore we conduct the Coxswain Course in 2 parts:

  1. The Initial Enrolment – this involves downloading training resources and completing a number of online assignments. We estimate about 35 hours of self study. The hours of study can vary and is dependent on your current individual level of knowledge of the maritime environment. No face to face attendance is required at this time however our trainers are available 7 days a week for assistance and questions.
  2. In addition, if you have limited or no experience with Coastal Navigation (this component is required for an NC1 Certificate) then we have available our Coastal Navigation Training program with Chart, Dividers, Parallel Rules etc for those that wish to master this knowledge.
  3. We also conduct an online process to obtain a Marine Radio Licence.  A Coxswain must be in possession of a Marine Radio licence
  4. To commence the Initial Coxswain Enrolment please click here
  5. The Final Practical Session (Practical Sessions are held every month all year round). The Coxswain course is completed by attending for 2 days of practical training at our training vessel.
  6. These training days are Friday, Saturday each month and are currently designed to maximise social distancing on board the vessel as well as to minimise the time required to be away from home or work. If you have already completed the Fire, Survival, W H &S, and Seamanship (Anchoring, Splicing, Knots, Hitches etc) components from the General Purpose Hand (GPH) course then the practical course may be reduced by 1 day. 

Coxswain course initial enrolment

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    Sea Time – Boating Experience

    Prior to submitting a Coxswain application to AMSA candidates need to provide evidence of boating experience. This CAN include 100% of recreational and yachting boating experience and will be assessed on an individual basis depending on where the experience was obtained and on what size and type of vessel. Sea Service should be recorded on  AMSA Form 771 Record of Sea Service as well as on a Statutory Declaration.

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and

    Recognition ofCurrent Competencies (RCC)

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and

    Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC)

    If you have prior commercial boating experience or certificates/qualifications you may be eligible for a reduction in costs and/or training. To download an application form please Click Here or Complete our Skills Recognition Form. To download the form please Click Here

    First Aid Certificate

    1st Aid Certificate (HLTAID003 Provide First Aid)

    Candidates must be in possession of a current 1st Aid Certificate. It is not necessary to have a 1st Aid Certificate prior to commencing the course however a copy must be provided as soon as possible after the completion of the course before the Coxswain Course Certificate can be issued. The current 1st Aid Certificate to obtain is: HLTAID003 Provide First Aid

    AMSA Trial Assessment

    Are your ready for the AMSA ‘final assessment’?. This is the final and most important part of the whole process. You need to be able to demonstrate to the AMSA Examiner that you have the skills, experience and knowledge to operate a commercial vessel.

    To assist you in preparing for the ‘final assessment’ we have developed some Trial Assessments. You can test your knowledge on these trial assessments and we will give you feed back on whether you are ready or may require a little extra study.

    Coxswain 650+ exam questions

    Coxswain Online Exam Questions Information

    All Hands on Deck Maritime Training have been conducting Coxswain courses since 2004. In that time we have achieved a very successful record of candidates obtaining their Coxswain Certificate on the 1st attempt. One of the reasons for this is that we provide unlimited access to our bank of over 650 examination questions so that candidates can stay fresh with their knowledge and be well prepared for the final AMSA assessment.

    We do realise, however, that not everyone can get to our courses so we have made the examination questions available online to everyone.

    The questions are in 2 seperate catergories:
    Category 1 includes the following:

    • Seamanship and rope handling
    • Splicing, knots and hitches
    • Vessel handling
    • Fire Fighting
    • Survival at Sea
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Meteorology
    • Tides & Currents
    • Collision and Domestic Regulations and more!

    Category 2 includes the following:

    • How Marine Diesel Engines work
    • Operating Diesel Engines
    • Operating Outboard Engines
    • Gearboxes and shaftings
    • Refuelling and Fuel Storage
    • Hydraulic systems & Steerage gear
    • Bilge pumping and Deck wash systems
    • DC Batteries & AC Generators
    • Slipway work and maintenance
    • Deck Machinery and more!

    Both categories can be purchased together for only $99.00. It is important to remember that Coxswain positions are a dual role position (Skipper and Engineer) therefore you should possess engineering knowledge as well as seamanship knowledge.

    In addition to accessing over 650 examination questions you will also receive the following:

    • Unlimited access to the examination questions
    • All Training manuals in a download format
    • Unlimited access to our Senior Trainer via email or phone with any questions you may have
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      How did you find out about us?

      650+ Coxswain Exam Questions

      AMSA Trial Exams